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The overarching theme for 2019 is about surrendering to God's design for our lives. As part of surrendering, we must relinquish unecessary things in our lives. Dive into this sermon series from Pastor Eugene to find out what that looks like. Determine to walk into all that God has for you this year! 

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Part 1 of "Relinquish" series is about control. Stop holding on to things and surrender to God's design for your life in 2019.

Speaker: Pastor Eugene Weldon

Relinquish (Part 1: Control)

Part 2 of "Relinquish" series encourages us to stop carrying burdens that Jesus already paid for. Let go of any debt you think you owe. Jesus paid for it all! 

Speaker: Pastor Eugene Weldon

Relinquish (Part 2 : Debt)

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relinquish forgiveness.png

Part 3 of "Relinquish" series, goes deeper into what it means to stop carrying debts. Forgiveness is the key to releasing the debts we hold against ourselves and others. 

Speaker: Pastor Eugene Weldon

Relinquish (Part 3 : Forgiveness)

Relinquish (Part 4: Emotions)

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Part 4 of Pastor Eugene's "Relinquish" series, examines things we are holding on to emotionally. Relinquish your mind, will and emotions back to God and allow His perfect peace to rule your soul. ​ Speaker: Pastor Eugene Weldon

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