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As Pastor Eugene always says, "We IS the church."

Our spring Super-Series dives into what it means to actually live a kingdom life, and be the embodiment of Christ in our everyday lives.

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Week One examines Purity. We must be willing to review & reflect what our motives and beliefs are. When we review and reflect hurts, then release it to God, He will heal and set us free!

Week 1: Purity

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties during recording, this video is unavailable. Thank you for understanding.

Week 2: Prayer

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Week Three of "We IS the church" examines Power. God has given each of us power and authority over the things for which we pray. We are to pray in confidence and with faith, knowing that God WILL answer our prayers.

Week 3: Power

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Isaiah 61:3 tells us to, "put on a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." Week four of "We IS the church" is all about Praise! In the midst of such a trying time in our country, it's important to watch the words coming out of your mouth. Rather than speaking negatively, praise God in the midst of the storm! 

Week 4: Praise

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Every person has a calling and a purpose to fulfill in life. We are all anointed and appointed to further the Kingdom of God. As the church, we are built together as a dwelling place for his spirit.

Week 5: Purpose

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What fruit are we producing as the Church? Part of our calling as sons and daughters of God is to produce lasting fruit. Are we daily sowing seeds that will produce Kingdom fruit for generations to come?

Week 6: Production

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